John Cage said that the listener completes a piece of music.
I feel that the viewer completes the work of art.

Painting directly from the subject is very important to me. Thematic subject matter tends to come and go. Abandoned vehicles in fields around my home in Swanmore, Hampshire have recently been superceded by more recent work, much of it commissioned, based around gardens. Travel in the East and in South America has also provided inspiration in previous years. All of this work has been underpinned by drawing.

My training in the 1960s was on the cusp between traditional disciplines and hard edge painting. I was therefore able to benefit from the academic teaching of Christopher Ironside and the hard edge work of Tess Jaray and Mark Vaux.

I later studied for an M.A. in History of Art at Sussex University, where I was guided by Professor David Mellor.

Working life comprised 35 years of teaching art, mostly to A level students.

Currently I have been employed as a freelance artist/educator at The Lightbox Gallery, Woking and Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, taking adult workshops.