Bere Forest bluebells

Bere Forest, Bluebells

This painting …4ft x 4ft has been carried out over two years. I had to wait for the season to come round again to complete the background and the bluebells.
Bere Forest , in Hampshire is a wonderful piece of ancient woodland and every year the bluebells are a delight to all the senses.

Morning Glories and Perennial Peas

Morning Glories and Perennial Peas

In the Summer of 2018, the heat during the day was so great that in order to paint these lovely plants growing in my garden I had to get up at 5.00 a.m. and worked until 9.00 a.m after which the temperature was too much for painting.
Serendipity ensured that these plans grew so well together.

lilies 2

Lilies 2

Every year I grow lilies in my garden. This year I grew some very large ones which reached over five feet tall, due to the 2018 hot Summer. As it was too hot to paint after 9.00 a.m, I had to get up at 5.00 a.m to be able to carry out this painting.



These are the 2016 lilies in the garden, which link to those painted from previous years. The short window of opportunity between bud, blossom and the dropping of petals is about one week, so there was little room for contemplation, just painting.